View of the lake

View of the lake

  • 3 rod limit for each angler with 1 rod to be fished in the margin
  • A minimum of 15lb line or braid to be used
  • No rods to be left unattended at any time
  • All fishing anglers must bivvy up by rods
  • All particle baits, seeds and nuts must be fully cooked before use. Soaking is not permitted as this is a danger to the fish
  • No less than 2 1/2 lbs T/C rods to be used
  • All sacks must be large and only one fish per sack. No sacking of fish in July or August. All fish must be sacked in a good depth of water (more than 4ft) especially in summer months. Avoid sacking fish that are spawning and do not sack for more that 3 hours in daylight
  • Anglers must carry carp care kits to treat hook and body wounds if needed
  • Only large padded unhooking mats (Anglers to bring their own) to be used
  • All swims to be kept clean of rubbish including cigarette butts. Please use bins provided
  • Lead safety clips to be used on set ups! No fixed leads
  • Bait boats permitted. Rowing boats can be used but life jackets (provided) must be worn
  • No children under the age of 10. Children must be supervised at all times and should be able to swim
  • Removal or introduction of any fish is prohibited
  • No dogs, open fires or guns

All the rules above are mainly based around Fish Safety.  This is our main concern as these fish are the lakes future.

Please ensure these fish go back safely for the next angler to enjoy.Anyone who does not comply with the above rules or attempts to fish with inadequate fishing tackle will not be permitted to fish.


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