Here we provide an update of all the fishing news from the lake each week:


Week commencing 27th September

Last week on the Cedars with Mike Brown in swims 1&2. Mike had 5 fish in total – 38lb, 23lb, 24lb, 22lb and 23lb. End of the season and farewell to 2014 πŸ™‚

Week commencing 13th September

The final weeks of the lake coming to a close and things quieten down for us at Cedars. This week Chris and Adam occupied swims 3 & 4 for one of its final sessions. Chris landed three x 20lbs from swim 3 and Adam has five x 20lbs and a 38lb. Well done boys.

Week commencing 6th September

Another full week at the lake with 33 fish coming out in total.

In swim 1 Bill Treadgold landed two 30’s to 31lb. In swim 2 Paul Toal landed two doubles.

On the other side of the lake father and son Chris and Phil Simkins had great success between them. Chris landed seven x 20lb’s and four x 30lb’s. Phil banked 11 x 20lb’s, six x 30lb’s and a 55lb.

Week commencing 30th August

Fully occupied swims this week and 38 fish out in total. In swim 1 Martin landed 2 x doubles, two x 20lbs, 32lb and 42lb mirrors. In swim 2 Jimmy landed 5 x doubles, seven x 20lbs and one x 35lb. In swim 3 Fred landed 1 x double and tem x 20lbs. And finally in swim 4 Michael landed 1 x double, six x 20lbs and one x 39lb.

Week commencing 23rd August

Three anglers on the lake this week and a big haul with 48 fish coming out in total.

Gary Fordham occupied swims 1 & 2 and had 10 x doubles, 15 x 20lb’s, four x 30lb (to 35lb) and one 53lb.

In swim 3 Gary Cable had three doubles, 10 x 20lb’s, two 30lb’s (to 37lb). In swim 4 Keith Cable landed two doubles and a 24lb. Good work πŸ™‚

Week commencing 16th August

This week saw swims 3 & 4 occupied. Dave fished from swim 3 and landed eight x 20lbs and four doubles. Rhys closely followed up in swim 4 with six x 20lbs and 3 x doubles.

Week commencing 9th August

Swims 1 & 2 – Ronnie Ewell Snr fished from this end of the lake and landed three fish – 18lb, 25lb and 36lb.

Over in swim 3 Ronnie Ewell Jnr landed 1 x double, 6 x 20lb’s, 3 x 30lb’s and one 53lb.

From swim 4 Perry landed 1 x double, 2 x 20lb’s and 1 x 40lb.

Week commencing 12th July

Swim 1Β Dick Ellis 3 x 20’s and 1 x 38lb

Swim 2 Gary Ellis – 6 x 20’s, 1 x 30lb

Swim 3 Steve Ellis – 2 doubles, 10 x 20’s, 1 x 30 and 1 x 50

Week commencing 6th July

This week the lake was full again at both ends. Mike Brown occupied swims 1 & 2 for part of the week and landed a 35lb mirror and a 26lb common. Over in swims 3 & 4 Lee Dolling and Julie had a productive week. Lee landed 3 x doubles, 10 x 20’s and 1 x 38lb.

Week commencing 28th June

This week saw Gordon and Mark Davies at the lake and they boys had a great week with 45 fish coming out in total. Gordon fished from swim 3 and successfully landed two doubles, 18 x 20’s, one x 30 and one 53lb. Mark also had a great catch report with one double, 20 x 20’s, two x 30’s and one x 54lb. Nice work πŸ™‚

Week commencing 21st June

A full house of the lake this week with Danny, Steve, Doug and Dave manning all swims. The boys landed a total of 53 fish between them all.

Catches for all were:

Danny (swim 1) Β – four x doubles, two x 20’s

Steve (swim 2) Β – one x double, five x 20’s

Doug – (swim 3) – 18 doubles, eight x 20’s, four x 30’s, one x 51lb

Dave (swim 4) – two x doubles, seven x 20’s, one x 30lb

Week commencing 8th June

This week saw a total of 46 fish coming out of the lake with friend Paul Hockey and Dave Baker. Paul landed 6 doubles,18 x 20’s and 2 x 30’s from swims 3 & 4.

Dave over in swims 1 & 2 landed 4 doubles, 11 x 20’s and 5 x 30’s.

A great week for the lads.

Week commencing 11th May 2014

A short trip to the lake this week for regulars Alan Nightingale and Steve Edmeades. The boys fished for 4 nights but did amazingly well, landing 40 fish in total. They both also landed personal bests which was fantastic news. Alan landed a 52lb mirror and Steve, a 32lb common. Well done to both.

Week commencing 26th April 2014

An amazing record setting week over at Cedars with a fantastic 92 fish coming out. Neville and Kevin had an exclusive booking so had the entire lake to themselves – and certainly made full use of it! The huge catch list included 20 doubles, sixty 20’s, eleven 30’s and one 51lb fish. The lads, regulars on the lake, had a great week and are looking forward to beating their record next year!!!

Week commencing 13th April 2014

First anglers of the year on the lake were Danny Kew and Richard Russell. Danny fished from swims 1 and 2 and landed three fish – 19lb, 30lb (c) and 31lb.

Richard landed a bumper haul of 26 fish in total. His catch list included 20lb (c), 22lb (c), 35lb (c0, 37lb, 18lb, 21lb (c), 25lb (c), 38lb, 21lb (c), 24lb, 19lb (c), 36lb, 21lb (c), 24lb, 30lb (c), 19lb, 38lb, 21lb, 50lb, 29lb (c), 27lb (c), 22lb (c), 19lb (c), 30lb, 26lb, 28lb (c). Well done boys.