Week commencing 19th October

The final week for the season at Cedars and a fully occupied lake. In swims 1 and 2, Donna Webb and Chris Williams had a number of fish between them despite the tough weatehr conditions. Donna fished from swim 1 and had 2 x 20lb mirrors and 1 x 20lb common. Chris had 1 x 30lb mirror and 1 x 40lb mirror. He also landed a 20lb leatehr and 2 double commons.
Over is swims 3 & 4 Neil and Dean Oxford helped fix up the lake prior to shut down,  rebuilding the steps to swims 3 & 4. For the pleasure, they also got to fish and did pretty well considering the elements were against them! Neil landed 2 x 20lb, 2 x 30lb and 1 x 54lb mirrors. He also had 2 x 20lb and 1 double commons.
 Dean had 1 x 20lb mirror and 2 doubles and 1 x 20lb common.
A massive thank you to both guys for the hard work put in 🙂
 Week commencing 5th October

A wet and quiet week this week. Mark and Billy Devonport fished in swims 3 & 4 and had four fish between them. Mark landed a 20lb leather and a 20lb common. Billy in swim 4 landed a 20lb mirror and a 20lb common.

Week commencing 28th September

Swims 3 & 4 occupied this week with Lawrence Neale and Paul Stratton. Lawrence took up his pitch in swim 3 and landed (mirrors) 3 x doubles; 3 x 20’s ; 1 x 30’s and (Commons) 2 x doubles; 5 x 20’s

In swim 4 Paul Stratton landed (Mirrors) 3 x doubles; 1 x 20’s and (Commons) 1 x doubles; 5 x 20’s.

Week commencing 21st September

Richard Patterson here this week and set up in swims 3 & 4. For his first visit to the lake, Richard landed a good catch tally. With 2 x doubles, 10 x 20lbs (commons), 1 x 24lb, 1 x 30lb (leather) and 2 x doubles, 7 x 20lbs and 1 x 30lb (mirrors). A job well done.

Week commencing 14th September

A three strong party in swims 1 and 2 this week with John Edwards and Kevin Perry in swim 1. They had two 20lb commons, one 20lb mirror and 1 30lb mirror. Kevin also fished in swim 3 and landed four 20lb mirrors and two 20lb commons.

Swims 2 and 4 were occupied by Stuary Haynes and Gary Goldfinch also followed up with 1 20lb mirror and two 20lb commons.

Week commencing 7th September

In swim 1 Dave Hopkins and his wife were at the lake with Dave landing four x 20’s; one x 40lb mirrors and Common; six x 20lb commons.

On the other side in 3 & 4, Phil and Chris Simkins had a great week with a good haul between them, Phil landed: (mirrors): 10 x 20’s; 2 x 30’s; 1 x 40; 2 x 50’s (54 PB): (commons): 1 x Double;  8 x 20’s; 2 x 30’s;

Chris followed up with (mirrors): 1 x Double; 4 x 20’s; 1 x 40.  (commons): 3 x Doubles; 6 x 20’s; 1 x 30.

Week commencing 31st August 2013

A full week this week at the lake. Mike Brown and his wife fished from swims 1 & 2.  Although extremely hot, Mike landed four fish – three 17lb commons and a 22lb common.

Over in swims 3 & 4 Gordon and Mark Davis had a 15 fish haul. Gordon fished from swim 3 and landed four mirrors – 38lb, 23lb, 22lb and 21lb. Along side those were four commons – 26lb, 27lb and two 22lbs. In swim 4 Mark landed seven fish – five mirrors – two x 22lb, 32lb, 20lb and 27lb. He also landed two commons – 22lb and 16lb.

Week commencing 23rd August 2013

Jim Kublin and his wife had a short mid week stay this week with Jim landing four fish – one common at 24lb and three mirrors – 38lb, 24lb and 49lb.

Cedars Lake closed between 3rd – 23rd August

Week commencing 20th July 2013

A short stay visit for our anglers this week – and boy was it hot again!!

In swim 1, Martin Taylor landed eight fish and a great personal best at 53lb. His catach included one double, three 20lb mirrors (to 25lb), one double common and three 20lbs (to 24lb).

In swim 2, Jim Venton landed eight fish also – three doubles, five 20lbs (to 28lb).

Covering swims 3 & 4, Michael Dickson followed up with five fish. One double and 4 20lbs (to 25lb).

It was a tough week in the sun so well done for passing the endurance test!

Week commenicng 13th July 2013

A very, very hot week this week making life hard for the anglers although both were pleased with their catches despite the hard hitting sun!

In swim 3, Shane Sherwood landed 14 fish in total. Shane landed four doubles, seven 20lbs (to 27lb) and two 30lbs 9to 36lb).

In swim 4, Peter Hatton followed up with 17 fish in total – five doubles, 10 20lbs (to 28lb).

Both boys landed 3 new fish between them (between 4 and 6lb). Well done 🙂

 Week commencing 29th June 2013

All swims occupied this week and a bumper 52 fish out of the lake. In swim 1, P Nonman landed eight fish in total with six mirrors – 3 doubles, three 20lbs (to 25lb) and two double commons.

In swim 2, J Sheerin landed six fish in total – one double, four 20lbs (to 28lb) and one 30lb.

Over on the other side in swim 3, Eliot Sheerin racked up a total of 23 fish. Eliot saw 13 mirrors being banked – one double, eight 20lbs (to 28lb), three 30lbs (to 38lb) and 54lb. He also landed 10 commons – four doubles and six 20lbs (to 29lb).

Finally in swim 4, Jacke Sheerin had a good week with fourteen fish being banked. He landed seven mirrors – six 20lbs (to 28lb) and one 33lb and seven commons – two doubles, four 20lbs (to 26lb) and one 33lb.
It was a very hot week – well done to all.

Week commencing 22nd June 2013

A bumper week this week on Cedars with 79 fish coming out in total!! Three out of four swims were occupied and seemingly the weed control has worked its magic..

In swim 1:  Tony Powell landed 30 fish in total with 2 days of no fishing until 4pm so a big well done!
Mirrors: 22lb; 24lb; 18lb; 23lb; 24lb;21lb; 22lb; 22lb; 25lb;19lb; 18lb; 17lb; 17lb; 21lb.
Commons: 19lb; 22lb; 19lb; 21lb; 18lb; 25lb; 24lb; 22lb; 20lb; 20lb; 20lb; 19lb; 20lb; 27lb; 17lb; 20lb.
 In swim 3 Alan Nightingale had a good tally also with 25 fish coming out for him.
Mirrors: 18lb; 37lb; 15lb; 17lb; 25lb; 25lb; 26lb; 18lb; 22lb; 26lb; 35lb; 26lb; 22lb; 18lb; 16lb.
Commons: 17lb; 20lb; 24lb; 23lb; 18lb; 24lb; 24lb; 15lb; 24lb; 16lb.
Finally in swim 4, Steve Edmeades brought up numbers for the groups tally:
Mirrors: 24lb; 30lb; 21lb; 21lb; 26lb; 36lb; 25lb; 23lb; 16lb; 22lb; 26lb; 34lb; 18lb; 31lb; 24lb.
Commons: 21lb; 21l; 18lb; 18lb; 24lb; 10lb; 21lb; 19lb; 26lb; 20lb; 19lb.
All we can say is – Amazing!! Well done to you all.
Week commencing 8th June 2013

Over in swims 3 and 4 this week were Paul Hockey and Dave Baker who managed a good tally including a personal best for Paul. He landed 17 fish in total – one 23lb leather, mirrors – 2 doubles, five x 20lbs (to 25lb), one 34lb and a personal best of 53lb 4oz. Commons included five doubles and two 20lbs (to 25lb).

Dave also did really well with a 19 fish tally. He landed five 20lb mirrors (to 29lb) and 14 commons – six doubles and eight 20lbs (to 26lb).  Great week and well done to Paul on his PB.

Week commencing 1st  June 2013

Alan and Jason Davey were our vistors this week and fished from swims 3 & 4 and landed 20 fish between them. The weather was very kind this week making conditions much better than of late and the water levels are slowly dropping. Alan landed five doubles, four 20lbs (to 29lb) and one 30lb fish. Jason also did well with three doubles, five 20lbs (to 25lb) and two 30lbs (to 35lb).

Week commencing 18th May 2013

W e saw 3 anglers on the lake this week and 36 fish coming out in total. In swim 2, Perry Harris landed 12 fish in total with six mirrors and six commons; his catch report included 56lb, 25lb, 26lb, 21lb, 24lb 26lb (mirrors) and 26lb, 25lb, 16lb x 2, 20lb, 28lb (commons).  In swim 3, Ron Warner’s catch report included; 25lb, 28lb, 29lb, 17lb, 33lb, 20lb (mirrors) and 20lb, 27lb, 19lb (commons). Finally, Paul Warner fished from swim 4 and he followed up with a good 14 fish in total. His tally saw eight mirrors – 3 x 25lb, 22lb, 24lb, 20lb, 28lb, 30lb and six commons – two doubles, 25lb, 30lb, 33lb, 25lb . Well done guys.  

Week commencing 11th May 2013

An exlusive week this week with regulars coming back to the lake again which is always nice to see. Fish still preparing to spawn but a little perseverance saw some results for the boys. Party leader John Marples fished from swim 1 and landed six nice fish – five 20lbs 9to 29lb) and a 31lb. In swim 2 Mallett also scored well with one double, 29lb and two x 40lb (to 43lb).

In swim 3 Lee bnaked four fish – all 20lb s(to 29lb) and a good 38lb mirror. Next up was Toad who saw six fish in total added to his catch report – three doubles, two 20lbs 9to 25lb) and another 38lb mirror.  Mixed weather, hard work but worth it!


Week commencing 4th May 2013

A full house this week with both ends of the lake occupied. In swims 1 & 2 Garry and Matt Clarke saw a total of 10 fish out between them. Garry landed one double and three 20lbs (to 24lb). Matt had three doubles and three 20lbs (to 22lb).

Over in swims 3 & 4, Pat and Dave Gillett did very well between them. Pat landed five doubles, 11 20lb’s (to 29lb) and one 36lb. Dave landed one double, seven 20lbs (to 29lb and including one 24lb leather) and one 35lb.  It was a hot week and fish were starting to spawn.

Week commencing 27th April 2013

This week saw the return of Neville Horsefield and Kevin Keel and a great catch report for both of them. Up in swims 3 & 4, the duo landed a total of 40 fish.

Kevin landed five mirrors – one double and four 2olbs (to 28lb). He also had 12 commons – all doubles with the exception of one 20lb fish. Neville did equally well with 23 fishi in total. He landed 15 mirrors – five doubles, six 20lbs 9to 24lb), one 35lb, two x 41lb and a grwat 53lb. Well done.

Week commencing 20th April 2013

Two anglers in swims 3 & 4 this week – Richard Russell and Josh Lynn who did themselves proud with 29 fish coming out plus two personal bests for both boys.

Richard saw a total of 12 doubles, six 20lb’s (to 26lb) and a magnificent 55lb – personal best.

Josh landed three doubles, five 20lb’ (to 28lb), one 37lb mirror (personal best) and finally a 43lb.

Well done to both for your record catches.

Week commencing 13th April 2013

First week of the season nicely with three anglers fishing on Cedars. Father and sons Dan, Paul and Ben fished from swims 3 & 4 and landed a massive 48 fish in total.

Ben landed five doubles and five 20lb’s (to 23lb)

Dan landed 13 doubles and nine 20lb’s (to 23lb)

Paul landed 10 doubles, six 20lb’s (to 22lb)

Well done boys.